Month: August 2014

Dress Pattern

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Along with the 007’s desk and the Door Shelf, both made by our own Handy Dandy Papa, Mama and I wanted to tackle another problem in particular…

We wanted to sew a dress.

And it happened! With quite a bit of help from our friend, Cindy (Check out her blog here) , who provided us with a pattern and sparkling creativity. 🙂


 The bottom picture is the dress we were going for, the pattern was beautiful!

20140612_18-09-20First, we analyzed the pattern to decide what would fit best.






 After that, we ironed the pattern in order to distinguish our lines and measurements more clearly.  (Don’t iron over tape folks, it melts…)

 20140612_19-20-21 We sewed.DSC_0680

And sewed.

DSC_0678 And sewed till I was delirious and bleary eyed. It was super fun. 🙂

But at 9:30 PM, after working so hard and seeing pieces slowly come together, we were finally done!


Thanks Cindy!


One Huge Oatmeal Pie

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Cat loves Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies. If I buy a box, she will consume the entire thing. So, when I saw this pin, I thought that it was a good “end of the first week of school snack”. Lets see if she agreed…

As always, when baking is involved,

I have, beside me,

my trusty side-kick 007


I didn’t even have to tell him to pose.

He saw the camera,

leaned in toward the mixer, smiled

and said “Is this a pin?”

What will he do next week

when he bakes without



The dough comes together quickly.


After you divide it into two

(fairly) equal portions,

bake it for 20 minutes.

Cat came home and sniffed the air with a smile.

She knew something awesome

was about to happen.

After they cooled, I spread on the icing.


That is the face of a happy sixteen year old.

I cut it into 8 pieces,

even though she thought

the whole thing was for her.

Her first words after tasting were

“Shut up” and “Yeah, man.”

That’s teenager for

“Dearest mother, thank you so very much

for providing me with this brilliant

biscuit after I toiled at my studies all day.

It is divine.”

I speak teenager,

so I was flattered.

If you love oatmeal cream pies

and can eat gluten

(which seriously rules out

a bunch of my friends)

than make this.

You’ll be glad that you did.

🙂 6 more, Ladies and Gents.

Ribbons and Bows

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Today, I learned something that I wish I would have learned 12 years ago, when my little girl was a little girl. Today I learned how to make my own hair bows.

Seamus helped me.


Pick a ribbon and sew it.


Then, loop a ribbon around the center

and sew it.


I liked this one too.


Then, you could hot glue it to

a plain old hair clip like this


Or you could just slip

a bobby pin in the back


and put it on your pretty

“little” girl


who still lets you


because the dog is hiding.

7 more pins left.

PS If you liked this one, check

out the other diy ribbons and bows here.

Back to School Cupcakes

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Is it REALLY back to school time already?


Tomorrow morning, Cat beings 11th grade and 007 starts 2nd. What happened to my summer??? In my compulsion to make the first day of school both memorable and joyous, I came across this cute cupcake idea. It looked easy and fun.

I made some chocolate cupcakes


and a basic vanilla frosting

as well as the marshmallow fondant

we absolutely love.


I rolled out the fondant

and cut it into discs.

Then, I used my cooling rack

to imprint some lines


That was Papa’s idea.

(He’s so smart!)

Yesterday, 007, Cat and I bought these

from the craft store.


I used them to paint lines

on the discs.


Then, Cat, Papa and I wrote on the “paper”.

My math was simple


Other people showed off




8 more pins left

‘Cause summer doesn’t really end

until after Labor Day, right??


Glow in the Dark Art

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My friend Heidi sent me this picture last year, and since then, I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate the idea into our home. At last, when I saw our new super hero scrapbook pages, a light bulb went off above my head. Ding!

My intent was to frame these two

scrapbook pages.

One, is an empty comic page,

ready for a story to be written,

while the other is

a picture of a city at night

with spot lights illuminating the sky.


The city scape was just

asking to glow.

We purchased some glow in the dark Mod Podge

and carefully painted it on the

windows and spot lights in the picture.


Then, we framed it

and turned off the lights.


It looks amazing in person.

When we framed the other page,

007 immediately got out the

dry erase markers and started

writing a comic.


I love making room for his creativity.

We hung them up in his room.


9 pins left. 🙂

Dry Erase Erasers

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Between our message boards, our meal planner and various calendars around our house, we use dry-erase markers a lot. When I saw this pin, I knew it was for us. Y’all, this is EASY.

Here are a few of our markers.


I bought these cute little pom poms

at my local male-named craft store.


Tonight’s tool:

the glue gun.


I opted for the black pom poms

rather than cute colors

because I knew that after

a few uses, those cute colors

wouldn’t look so cute anymore.


There’s someone who always looks cute


He’s already working on tomorrow’s pin.

There are only 10 more.

Upcycled Cereal Box: Journals

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If you read our post from yesterday, you’ll know that I was knee-deep in helping hands. With school just around the corner, we thought that these diy journals would be fun to make.

The girls cut the boxes



While “The Boss” worked intently with Play Doh


They traced and cut construction paper

for the inside of the journals.


Then, they sewed buttons on the front.




We deviated from the original plan

in that we tied yarn around the button

instead of sewing directly with the yarn.


Here is Twinkle Toes showing off her button and yarn.

Sewing the inside seam is a task not

for the faint of heart,

or fingers.


We used various decorative tape

and stamps on the outside.

Here’s the one we made for their

precious mother.



Overall, a fun project

with really great company.

11 pins left