Month: September 2014

Red Riding Hood’s Hood

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I have this cute friend named Anna who graciously invited Cat and I to her annualΒ  Once Upon A Time premier party. I chose to go as Ruby AKA Red Riding Hood, mostly because I really wanted a cape.

Papa and I saw quite a few tutorials on how to make a cape, but this one was our favorite. It looked simple enough and Papa promised me that he would make it for me help me.

We bought a piece of fun, red,

faux velvet material from

Jo Ann Fabrics.

(It was on sale! Yay!)


And followed the youtube video.


The material was hard to work with,

but we persevered.


The finished cape was great.


I paired it with a long underskirt

that I found at my local thrift store

on half price day.

It was with the bridal gowns.

Cat did my hair.


We had a smashing time at Anna’s party

while Kristoff, Papa and 007 stayed

at our house to watch The Lego Movie.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what’s

in my basket.



Spinning Shoe Rack

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This weekend, Papa finished a project that he’s been thinking about for a while. A few months ago, I showed him a picture on Pinterest of a shoe organizer that looked like a lazy susan. We clicked on the picture and saw that the plan alone was thirty dollars. Papa scoffed. And snorted. And then he thought. And thought. And then I began to hear the sawing of wood…



I love the fact that he re-purposes wood.

This used to be a cabinet that

someone was going to throw away.










It spins.



Cat’s shoes.



A New Leaf

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Technically, we have two more pins scheduled for our “Pinning Summer Adventure” though we stopped counting a few weeks ago. This summer, I planned crafts, diy projects, foods, remedies and organizational techniques that I found on Pinterest. There were 75 of them and we accomplished most of them this summer, doing one project a day, sometimes two. My lofty 75 pin summer was cut a bit short by the unexpected/expected onset of fall. There just weren’t enough days to hold all of the awesomeness!

So, instead of continually counting down our pins, I just figured that I would post them as they come, even throughout fall, winter and spring. Yup. Pinning Summer will be a year-round occurrence, just not with posts everyday. We’ll post every now and then, when we feel like we did something that you’d like to see. Like our next pin. It’s in Papa’s shop right now and will be finished this weekend. (But shhh!!! don’t tell Cat. It’s a surprise for her and for her shoes. πŸ˜‰ )

So, thanks for sharing summer with us, reading our thoughts and encouraging us when we miss the mark. We appreciate YOU and hope that you enjoy the “new season” of Pinning Summer.

Word Wall Art

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It’s no secret that I love words. Many of my Pinterest pages are filled with quips, book quotes and fancy fonts. I love the written word. So do my kids. πŸ™‚ When I showed this pin to Cat, a book page blown up and framed on the wall, she looked at me with big eyes and asked “Can I have one?”

Our dinner table debate that night was about whether or not we would be breaking copyright laws by copying a page of a book we owned and hanging it on the wall. Papa, aka the Copyright Police, ended the discussion with “well, since we own it, are not selling it and are only using a small piece of it, I think it’s okay.”

That debate took longer than actually doing this pin.

We scanned the picture and sent it to Staples.

It’s an engineer print.

It’s huge.


And it only cost me about 3 bucks.

I took it home and unrolled it.


Michael’s was having a great sale on frames.

I got this one for 8 dollars.



I slipped the thin print in the frame

and Papa hung it up for me.


Cat chose the first page of her

favorite book: A Wrinkle in Time.

I probably would have picked A Tale of Two Cities.

What would you want on your wall??


I think it’s fun.

You should come over and see it

because it looks wonderful in person.


Chocolate Muffins

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AKA: Breakfast for my Teenager

Since Cat needs to be out the door at 7AM, she is usually the first to rise. I am not a morning person. I usually kiss her goodbye and tell her to have a good day, but when she wakes up at Dark O’ Thirty to take a shower and do all of her aesthetic maneuvers, IΒ  am still sleeping.

A formal breakfast is not on tap and Cat just isn’t a breakfast fan. It takes some doing to remind her to “eat something!” before she goes. Sometimes, “something” turns into “anything”. We’ve resorted to gentle reminders of what “breakfast” should look like.


My mom gave us some treats

when last we saw her.

They all say “Not Breakfast!”

I can’t blame her,

I’ve been known to sneak a piece of brownie

in the morning simply because it’s easy.

Who likes to hassle with food

first thing in the morning?

So, when I saw this protein-packed

muffin (click here for the recipe),

I knew we’d have to give it a go.

The batter was beautiful and tasted great.


The muffins did not rise, of course,

but finished off with a nice sheen.


I left the bait for the teenager.


And she took it.

I think maybe, she would have liked

them better with a chunky peanut butter

because the texture was very, very smooth,

almost like a souffle.

We will definitely be making these again.