Homemade Bisquick

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One of the main reasons that I continue to visit Pintrest is to learn how to make things that we would normally buy at the store. This Homemade Bisquick recipe is one of about five that I have pinned to my boards. I liked this one because it used butter instead of shortening.

Since we were having some amazing company for dinner, I thought it was the perfect day to give it a go.

I put some flour in the food processor.


Then, I tossed in some butter,


Salt and baking powder.


After it spun for about 2 minutes…


I put in in a plastic bag

and I asked my little guy to hold it for a picture.

007 said “This is my super hero pose.”


It looked fine in the bag,

but I needed to test it to

really be sure if it was the same.


So, I made a simple apple cobbler.


My sweet guests (Anna and Kristoff)

and my darling family

loved it.

I’d call that a pin win.

13 to go!


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