Dress Pattern

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Along with the 007’s desk and the Door Shelf, both made by our own Handy Dandy Papa, Mama and I wanted to tackle another problem in particular…

We wanted to sew a dress.

And it happened! With quite a bit of help from our friend, Cindy (Check out her blog here) , who provided us with a pattern and sparkling creativity. 🙂


 The bottom picture is the dress we were going for, the pattern was beautiful!

20140612_18-09-20First, we analyzed the pattern to decide what would fit best.






 After that, we ironed the pattern in order to distinguish our lines and measurements more clearly.  (Don’t iron over tape folks, it melts…)

 20140612_19-20-21 We sewed.DSC_0680

And sewed.

DSC_0678 And sewed till I was delirious and bleary eyed. It was super fun. 🙂

But at 9:30 PM, after working so hard and seeing pieces slowly come together, we were finally done!


Thanks Cindy!


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