Month: December 2014

Beakfast Oatmeal Apple Crisp

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This recipe is simple and you

make it the night before,

so that you can wake up to

a warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning.

Cut up two or three of your favorite apples.

I like Granny Smith.


Toss them in your slow cooker.


Look down and notice that your dog is

hoping that you drop an apple piece.


Add 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar and


…one teaspoon of cinnamon.


He’s getting closer.


Add 2 cups of oatmeal


and 4 cups of water.

No need to stir.


My slow cooker is programable.

I set it for four hours and then it switches to warm

for the rest of the night.


I don’t have an after picture,

but, trust me, it’s good.

On Saturday morning,

we set up an “oatmeal bar”

with a bunch of add-ins: nuts,

dried cranberries, chocolate chips, etc.

We ate oatmeal, watched a Christmas movie

and enjoyed one another’s company.

I love this season.



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I’ve never been very good at making snowflakes, but lately I’ve been seeing some pretty nifty ones on Pinterest. Last week, when Cat was at ballet at 007 was practicing his spy moves at karate, I sat myself down armed with some paper, a pair of scissors, my trusty dog Seamus and these instructions.




They turned out so well, I decided to let our

elf, Henry, take credit for them.


Super Mario Cupcakes

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We kicked off December, our busiest, most celebratory month, with 007’s birthday. To celebrate 007’s 8th birthday, we tried to incorporate all the things he loves: pizza, legos, muppets and Super Mario…

Since 007 requested chocolate cupcakes, I decided to use a regular boxed mix and jazz it up a bit. Instead of water, I used milk and instead of oil, I used butter. The cupcakes came out super light and fluffy.

I used the same homemade, marshmallow fondant recipe that we used here, colored a bit of the fondant yellow and left the rest of it white.


I cut out some little stars and

Cat cut out some tiny circles.


We iced them in a simple circle.

I drew little lines on the stars

using a food coloring pen.


Then, we simply placed the fondant on the cupcakes.


Simple and cute.

007 loved having them for his “one up” birthday. 😉