Month: June 2013

July 1-7: The Plan

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Plans are also subject to change. At a moment’s notice. On a whim. You’ve been warned.

Monday: Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Tuesday: Wrap Bracelet

Wednesday: Glass Etching

Thursday: Uncle Sam Hat and 4th of July Cake

Friday: Headbands

Saturday: Laundry Soap

Sunday: Sunscreen Lotion Bars

We take suggestions! If you see a pin on Pinterest and would like us to do it, simply leave the pin the comment area and (if we can afford it) we’ll do it!

I Am Craft Challenged

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But when I look at Pinterest with its glowing, sparkly pins, I succumb to the delusion that I, too, can make these lovely, wonderful things that will change my world. I pin them to my imaginary, cyber bulletin board and tell myself that one day, I will try that thing, when I have enough time and if I have enough courage.

This summer is that time.

Armed with my trusty side-kick (my 15-year-old daughter, Cat) who can actually do crafty things, we will conquer my Pinterest boards. Baking, cooking, crafting, building, beauty: we’re going after you.

July 1, 2013 we’re going pin-crazy and we’ll post our results here, no matter how ugly they get.