Month: December 2015

Sock Snowman

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007 is giving all of the folks on his Christmas list homemade gifts that he found on Pinterest. Yeah. He’s my kid, I know. 😉

This one may be my favorite yet because it turned out so much better than I thought and was so very simple.

The original pin has a great, easy to follow video and you should totally grab some socks, a bag of rice and make yourself a snowman while you watch Elf tonight.



Turkey Pot Pie

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‘Cause I had a bunch of leftovers from our Thanksgiving Feast this year. I followed a basic chicken pot pie recipe (and added taters, Precious) and used a prepared pie crust.


007 helped me cut out the pastry into festive fall leaves and we just placed them atop the itty bitty personalized pies.


He also assisted me in brushing on an egg wash.


We baked them until they browned and bubbled. (And Cat circled the kitchen asking when they would be done.)


007 ate two. 🙂