Month: August 2013

Days Until Sign

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It’s been a busy summer here at the “Pinning” household.  The past 62 days have been filled with statements like, “Ooh, check this out!  We can make this!” and “So I went to the thrift store today because…”

All for the adventure called Pinning Summer.

I am Papa.

In past posts I have been known to express grief and dread about the adventure that was begun by my dear wife and Cat.  But the truth is — and I say this emphatically — it was a fun adventure.  It was a catalyst for us to fix some things around the house (see this post ) and it was good reason for me to get out some power tools (especially the staple gun, which technically is not a power tool, but it scared Mama nonetheless).

So, it seemed fitting for me to post this last one.  It required tools, exactness, and anticipation for the future (which is not normally one of my strengths… hey I’m growing!!).


This final pin is taken from an idea found here, and I have to say, I like it a lot.

Start with a nice piece of wood that was re-purposed from an old cabinet


and paint it with black primer.  Sand it lightly and make it smooth.


Then give it a couple coats of a very fine chalkboard paint (not homemade, sorry).


Now, get the tape measure out and find the middle so I can be exact with the placement of letters.

I am not one to look at things that are off-kilter without twitching.


Wait for every other letter do dry so I can paint the others and finally…





Count the days until the adventure begins again!


Grab some chalk and keep track of how many days until your next big thing.

Although there are 0 pins left for the summer,
we hope that the journey was fun for everyone and inspired you
to maybe try something that you’ve never tried before.

You never know what you may be really good at!


T-Shirt Blanket

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We usually give 007’s clothes and shoes away, but there are always a few that are difficult to put into the “give away” bag. They are usually the favorites that 007 wore over and over again or the ones that are connected with a memory. Switching clothes for seasons is always an emotional time for me. I know. It’s pathetic. 😉

I was looking for some creative way to keep a few without just folding them up and putting them in a box. I found lots of t-shirt quilt pins. The thing is, I didn’t have enough t-shirts for a full quilt, so this is what I decided to do…

The T-Shirt Blanket


I had a few cute little 007 t-shirts.

I cut them into squares.

Not equal squares because some of their

logos were big and some were small.

I sewed the back of the shirt to the front of the shirt.


It’s not quilting, it’s more like just making squares.

Quilting is harder.

I tip my hat to you, quilters.

Then, I sewed the squares together so that they were even.


Since I only had a few, I plan to add new ones to it each season.

When it’s large enough to cover a bed, I’ll put a backing on it.

When I showed it to 007, he hugged it and said:


“Mom, it’s wonderful. You are the best Mommy I ever had.”

He loves it: mission accomplished.

1 more pin.


Engineering Prints

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This post is inspired by so many different pins regarding purchasing engineering prints from Staples. I’ve seen them mod podged onto canvas, wood and Styrofoam boards; however, I went the simple route.

Staples is a great store.

They take my old, used ink cartridges and give me money.

I like our arrangement.

Yesterday, however, I went online, uploaded a picture

and picked up an 18″ by 24″ poster at the store

for free.

It would have cost only $1.90, but I had some reward money

from all the cartridges that I’ve given them.

Either way, it’s a great deal.

I picked out my favorite 007 first day of school picture.


Papa had a mat and a frame in his office.

I like the museum feel of a black and white photo framed and matted.

Engineering prints are on very thin paper,

we were very careful when handling it.

We haven’t put it up yet, but I wanted to let you know about it,

just in case you had a cute picture you wanted to use. 😉

2 more pins to go.

After School Snacks

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Today, I made two snacks to greet my kiddies as they came home from school: Chex Mix and Peanut Butter Brownies. Cat’s friend, Henry Higgins, came over for snacks and a mid-week movie. I love having new guinea pigs, lab rats, guests.

The Chex Mix was simple:

Throw 3 different types of Chex, pretzel sticks, and nuts into the crockpot.


On the stove, melt some butter, add Worcestershire and some spices.

Two and a half hours on low.

Word to the wise: stir it every half hour or

a few of your Wheat Chex may burn.

I won’t tell you how I learned that.



I made some “skinny” brownies. 😉

It calls for Greek yogurt and oats instead of flour.


Cat likes peanut butter, but 007 can’t stand it.

Funny how two kids can be so completely opposite.

I say that a few times a day.

Half the brownies have pb and half do not.



When the kids came home, they were excited to try the new snacks.


007 really enjoyed the Chex mix.

If I let him, he may have finished the entire bowl.


Cat and Henry Higgins tried the brownies

and in true “foodie” fashion, they critiqued them.


And cracked themselves up.


I love these kids.


And they love food.

Overall, they liked the brownies, but not as much as “regular” brownies.

3 more pins to go.

Reversible Bag

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Today was a long day. I attempted to make a carrier for ear buds, but after I broke the zipper, I thought I’d table that one and try for another. It was getting late and we still had 007’s Back to School Night. After I got home, this is what I created…

The Non-Reversible, Reversible Bag

I bought two tablecloths at my thrift store for about 2 dollars each.

The patterns were lovely.


I knew when I saw them that they would become a bag.


I followed the really helpful tutorial here which also has a pattern.


The problem is, I’m not so crafty,

so, I think I missed a step.


I missed it somewhere in the “reversible” part.


So, even though this isn’t exactly what I started out making,

it’s still a “pin win” for me

because, you see,


I made something pretty




I’m giving it to Cat.

Orange is her favorite color.

4 more pins.

Back to School Sign

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My kids started school today.

Cat was the first to leave me go to school.


10th grade?! How did this happen?!

After he ate his Star Wars pancakes,


and we flattened down his bed head,


our future policeman skipped off to first grade.


It’s the first time he’ll be there all day.

He’s so excited.

It’s Cat’s first day in our vocational technical school.

She’s nervous.

I’m excited and nervous.

This is parenting:

If we do it right, they can do it without us.

5 pins to go.

I’ll go think about them now as I pet my dog and cry into my coffee.

I’m just kidding.

I drink tea.


Tablecloth Curtains

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While I had the sewing machine out, I thought that I could conquer another sewing pin that has been lingering on my “to do” list. I saw this pin at the start of our adventure and while on my treasure hunts for materials, I kept looking for some bright tablecloths that I could use for curtains in my living room. Right now, we have cream colored curtains which give the space a nice crisp airy look in the summer, but I wanted something warm to frame them for the fall.

Ollies had these orange tablecloths for about five dollars each.


I found a set of neat shower curtain hooks at my thrift store for fifty cents.


Instead of the regular pin which tells us to hang the curtains through a rod,

I decided that I would make button holes for the hooks and hang them that way.

This required me using the sewing machine

to make button holes for the first time ever.

It took a while for me to figure it out.

I almost had to enlist my crafty friend Wonder Woman.

Eventually, Papa and I figured it out.


Who knew that you had to actually read the manual?


It was really cool watching the machine make the holes all by itself.




Papa helped rip the fabric to make the holes.


The hooks look really cool with the fabric.

Kinda Greek looking.

Like a toga.



Not too shabby for $10.50. 😉

6 more pins to go.

School starts tomorrow!