Month: July 2013

Hat Reshaping

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So, as any hipster should…I like hats. And I have a lot of them.

Last year, my amazing grandmother gave me a stylin’ hat which I adore!! Unfortunately, during school I can’t wear hats, so I put it somewhere in my black hole of closet to save for the summer. Guess what? It was the beginning of summer when Mama (organization queen) made me clean my closet. So I found my buddy Phil Keaggy on youTube and started cleaning.

In doing so I found my hat:


This actually looks much better than it did when I first found it, because I took the picture AFTER I tried to mold it back to its former shape.

Now this pin is ridiculously simple…however useful. You literally pour hot water on it and position the rim and such as it was intended. Wait for it to dry. That’s it.


But just to let y’all know, this trick only works with straw hats. So you don’t want to drench your grandmother’s vintage, velvet, 30s hat in order to restore its shape. Unless of course you, for some reason, need a very soggy hat…then by all means!

31 more, that’s halfway there!!!!


Organizing Clothes

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First, I need to recognize how fortunate we are that we have

so many clothes that we need to find ways to organize them.

Really. We are blessed.

Second, we have so many clothes we NEED to find ways to organize THEM!

I liked this pin when I saw it,

but I like it even more now that I see how much room it saved and how practical it is.

I can now see all of my t-shirts and I don’t have to go digging through them to get to one.



We also liked this one because last year we bought a bunch of boots

and we’d like them to keep looking spiffy.

My dollar store had pool noodles for, you guessed it: a dollar.


Papa was a little confused when I came home with them and a hula-hoop.

We don’t have a pool.

The hula-hoop was for 007. Just for fun.

We’re counting this as one, so 32 pins left, friends!

Magazine Baskets

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Nope. Not to hold magazines. These are baskets made out of magazines. I’m a sucker for all things re-purposed, so after our company left, I spent a few hours this afternoon learning how to weave. (It’s such a cool by-product of this summer: all of the learning we’re doing. As a “retired” teacher, it’s really scratching that learnin’ itch.)

I used some older Rachel Ray mags for this project. It only took ten pages.

DSC_0524 DSC_0525 DSC_0526 DSC_0527 DSC_0528 DSC_0529


Beautiful, isn’t it? Ok, maybe not beautiful.

When Cat saw it she said, “Wow, Mom, that’s interesting.” I’m raising such a tactful daughter. 😉

Right now, it’s holding my coupons for the week.

It’s not horrible, but

I’ll have to give it another try some day.

Maybe when it’s snowing out and I have some time to kill.

For now, though, I finished it and we have 33 more pins to try.

Lip Gloss

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There are various DIY lip glosses floating around in Pinterest and the one I chose did not have many directions. In hind’s sight, I wish I would have gone to this blog for a tutorial. Feel free to follow my flop below.

How NOT to Make Lip Gloss


Get some Kool-Aid and some petroleum jelly.


Microwave the petroleum jelly until it’s liquid, maybe 3 minutes

with a paper towel on top of it so it doesn’t pop and scare you.

DSC_0503(Here’s where I messed up)

Pour the Kool-Aid directly into the hot, melted stuff and stir it for a few minutes

hoping that the crystals will dissolve.

They won’t.

It’s too hot.

They never dissolve.


Little tiny crystals of Kool-Aid are there in the cooled jelly.

This may be a pin-fail BUT, I’ll look at my glass as half-full:

I can exfoliate my lips with my lip gloss. 🙂

34 (good pins) left!

Ballerina “Snowflake”

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This past winter, I made these darling ballerina snowflakes to hang in Cat’s room. (‘Cause she’s a ballerina.)

When we were invited to a birthday party for my friend June’s little girl, June wrote on the card that gifts were not needed, but that if we wanted to give a gift, we could chip in a dollar or two for little Honey Bee’s first ballet class this fall.

So, I made her this


I just folded up the dollars like a fan, and made a hole in the card-stock silhouette.

June, her husband, David Niven, and little Honey Bee loved it.

I think they still have it hanging up in their living room. 😉

What are we up to? Oh, 35 pins to go!

Oreo Cupcakes

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I think cupcakes are my love language. We’re going over to our very special friend’s house tonight. Since they have half a dozen kids and since I’m on an Oreo kick, I decided to make these little babies.





Not the prettiest cupcakes, but boy are they tasty!

FYI: If you decide to click over and make these cookies and cream treats, only make half of the icing.

I have a tub of it left over and I had to wrestle it away from Cat who thinks that it should be eaten alone,

and with a spoon.

Map Necklace!!

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This is a truly awesome pin. Like, listening to the Beatles while eating oatmeal creme pies cannot compare to how awesome and fun this pin was. AAAH!!!

For this you gotta have a clear pendant-like thing called a cabochon (it was interesting asking the cashier about it…she probably thought I couldn’t speak English) and a setting for it. You also need a chain, clasp, and a little piece of a map.


So above are the pendant-like things that we got at Michael’s. They have two parts, a clear marble-feeling circle/oval and a backing which fits that circle/oval.


Then, you cut out a little piece of the map that you want to have on your necklace. However, if you don’t want to use a map…another good idea is to look up a word in the dictionary, cut it out, and paste it on your soon-to-be necklace. Mama did that with the word “love” and it actually looked pretty awesome!



Next you glue the map to the marble and then the marble to the backing. Originally I was going to use superglue, however I am not exactly known for grace and gentleness in the family, so to appease my mother and make her worries of me superglueing my fingers together cease…I used a slightly less dangerous glue which Papa let me borrow.


Finally I strung it on a chain which I have had for nearly

all of my life and it looks awesome! For those who do not know,

some day I would like to live in China, so it was fitting to put Beijing on the

necklace. Also, to the right is the one Mama made out of the dictionary

(much to my dismay, I don’t think cutting up books

is a good idea, but it does look pretty neat!)

That’s it! 37 to go!!! 😛