Month: June 2014

Nail Polish Flowers

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I have to be honest: I did not think that this one would work. Nope. Not at all. But, it did. Color me wrong. 😉

You’ll need nail polish, thin wire

(I used 26 gauge)


and something to cut the wire,

something, like a wire cutter.


Fashion the wire into a loop,


and then a few more loops

until you have flower.

Cat did this one.


Making the flower was the hardest part.

Run your nail polish brush over the loop.

It will resemble bubbles on a wand.


It’s okay if it takes a few tries.


After you’ve done all the leaves,

Allow it to dry.

This one is almost dry.


56 pins to go.



Rice Pudding

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After our stir fry, I had some left over rice. Instead of chucking it, I decided to try this new rice pudding recipe.

Mix milk, sugar and rice.


Add milk, an egg and later,

off the heat, vanilla and butter.


This is the creamiest rice pudding I have ever made.

It rivals the ones sold in stores.

Papa loved it and Cat, who usually hates pudding, loved it, too.

🙂 57 pins left.

Shiny Candle Holders

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I don’t usually like projects that require glitter;

however, this was an easy one.


A mason jar, brush, glue and glitter.

Yes. I said glitter.

Mix the glue with some water, maybe half and half.

Paint the inside of the jar with your mixture.


Add your glitter.


Roll it around in there.


Wipe the edges, if you don’t want glitter there.

If you do, you glitter fiend, then leave it.


Mine looked like this.


When it dries,

place a small tea light inside,

light it and

take in the relaxing light.


A few of these would add some elegant sparkle

to an alfresco evening soiree,

or look like fireflies in a jar.

58 pins to go.

Blueberry Muffin Bites

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Except they are NOT muffins. 😉

I really like Cliff Bars and I’ve been looking for homemade energy bar recipes for a while now. This one sounded promising.

And I had some blueberries in the front yard

that needed to become something yummy.


I added the fresh blueberries to

cashews, oats, dates, salt, vanilla and lemon juice.



I scooped them into little balls and let them set in the fridge.


They were very, very good.

Papa absolutely raved about them.

They have so many fruit possibilities.

I think we’re going to try apple cinnamon next!

59 Pins left. 😉

Bean Bags

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We lovingly refer to this bucket as “Sock Heaven” which, I guess would more accurately be described as “Sock Purgatory”. In either case, this is where socks live when they are separated from their mates.


007 and I chose a few socks that seem to have

permanent residence in Sock Heaven.


We cut them.


We turned them inside out,

sewed seams and turned them out again.


We left a little opening on one side so that we could fill it.


We used lentils and a funnel.


We sewed up the corner and continued

until we had no more lentils left.

So, what can you do with these cute little bean bags??

The kids loved throwing them at each other and trying to juggle with them.

Papa mentioned that he could make a “Corn Hole” game.

I thought that we could warm them up in the microwave and use them as little heating pads. (Especially for Cat after dance practice.)

For this pin and more ways to

use mismatched socks, go here.

60 pins to go.


Lego Car

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This is 007.

I built a Lego car powered by a balloon. It needs wheels, any shaped wheels. The balloon can be any color you want it. It needs space for the balloon. It needs to be big. You can design it any way you want it.

This is how mine looks like.






   Just so you know, the balloon might pop if you blow it too much.

I hope you liked this pin.

61 to go.

String Art

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Last year, I saw a bunch of states with string art and thought they were really swell. I meant to do one last summer, but we didn’t get around to it. This year, Papa and I decided to make one, but instead of a US state, we made something for Cat.


Cat loves China.

She wants to live there one day.

She’s a really neat kid.

We like her, so…

Papa cut a board out.

I printed and cut a map of China.


I cut a heart out around Beijing.


We took turns hammering little nails to outline the country.


And then, the stringing began.


First yellow.


And then red.


All around Beijing.


We’ll surprise her with it tomorrow morning.


        62 pins to go.

PS I LOVE working with my husband. 😉