Cake Mix Cookies

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My friend has six amazing, sweet kids and today, she let me play with them. The three oldest girls (Twinkle Toes, Mary Lou Retton and The Thespian) hung out with me while the three younger kids (The Professor, Scooter and The Boss) played with 007. I was very excited to have more minions helpers in the kitchen. We decided to tackle two pins and this one took us about 3 minutes to prepare.

All you need is cake mix,


eggs, and oil.

Thespian cracked the eggs


while Mary Lou Retton added the oil.


That’s it.


Twinkle Toes (I think those are her hands)

helped by scooping the dough on the pans


Photo cred: Thespian

Dirty oven cred: Me




Sure, they were easy,

but, were they good?




🙂 They were a hit. 

12 pins to go. 

Thanks for helping today, girlies!!     

Come back tomorrow for more

with his lovely family.


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