Month: July 2014

Bookshelf Desk

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Papa here!

So, apparently the Pinning Summer fan base has been waiting on pins (ha ha!) and needles for this one.  It is the bookshelf desk as seen here.

As with other projects, we re-purposed parts of old furniture to complete this pin. I had an old computer workstation desk that I had taken apart years ago, but kept the wood.  It was one of those build-it-yourself desks that came in a flat cardboard box, so the wood is all particle board, but pretty sturdy since it was a desk.  It matched almost perfectly with the bookshelf that we would be using to create this desk combo.

I started out by removing the center shelf, which is one of the “fixed position” support shelves. If you have ever built one of these bookshelves, you know the cam-style screws that these systems use… very nice for putting back together or moving to a new piece altogether.


I measured the width of the shelf and drew my cut lines on the bottom of the desktop.  Then, I carefully measured where the holes needed to go for the cam-screw thingies.  Using my newly acquired 1-inch forstner bit and my drill depth guide, I made 4 holes that would fit the little plastic pieces.




Then, it was off to the table saw (ok, I simply turned around and there it was).


It may look like I cut the side of the holes off.  I did because as you can see, the cam-screw thing fits it just right and the screw will come out the side and into the bookshelf’s uprights.

DSC_0510   DSC_0509


Now that the desktop is prepared, I needed to support the front of the desk, as it sticks out of the case by 10-12 inches.  If 007 put his books or laptop on it, there was the strong probability that it would flip up in the back and there would be no more desk.  So, we needed legs.  I did not have any good leg material, so I went to Home Depot and, for $4.00 I got two spindles that would normally go into a railing.  I cut them to the height of the desk, minus 3/4-inch for adjustable feet (our house isn’t, shall we say, level).  I found the center of the legs by drawing diagonals and drilled holes to fit the feet.

DSC_0513 DSC_0516

Getting closer!!

I wanted to match the color of the shelf, so I mixed some poly-stain with a darker stain until I got the desired color and stained the legs.  Pretty darned close to the same color!!!  I let them hang to dry overnight.

DSC_0521 DSC_0528


When it dried, I did a light sanding.


I next pulled out one of my favorite tools: the pocket-hole jig. It makes really strong joints.



I attached the legs to the bottom with 2 screws each.  It may not stop a truck, but will do very nicely to support the weight of a 7-yr old and his school supplies.

DSC_0534 DSC_0537

Final assembly…

I placed the cam-screw thingies in the appropriate holes, screwed them into the side walls and Mama put the remaining shelves in. She then unloaded the school supplies that we have for 007 next year onto his brand new desk.  It’s going to be a great school year!

DSC_0538 DSC_0542

But there are still 29 pins to go for the summer.

Rock Candy

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AKA Why we’re going back to baking and leaving

this candy business for the Oompa Loompas.

There are many different recipes

for rock candy on Pinterest.

We picked one and gave it a go.

Here’s my sweet boy with the wooden sticks.


Don’t you love his “apron”?

We seasoned the sticks with sugar.


Water and sugar.


and more sugar.




We colored and flavored each one.




We suspended the sticks with clothes pins.


And he waited.


Even though I told him that it would take a long time.

Not even I knew that it would take two weeks

near a sunny window

to even resemble rock candy.


Skinny, little rock candy.


It stuck more to the bottom of the jar than the sticks.


But I think I know where we went wrong.

We needed more sugar.

I know.

Ridiculous, right?

I don’t think we quite got to the satiation point. If we put a bit more sugar it it and waited for the mixture to cool just a bit more, I think the sugar would have taken to the stick a bit better and we would have fewer stalagmites on the bottom.

Even though Willy Wonka may

never call us to give him candy ideas,

we still had fun trying.

That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

🙂 30 new things to try.


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Full disclosure: this was pretty much a pintrocity. I’m not going to give the website, because it didn’t really go as easily as it was displayed, even though I followed the directions exactly. 😦 Still, I promised that I would show you whatever we made, even if it went terribly awry…

Let’s make some taffy.

Sugar and corn starch.


Corn syrup.

Not high fructose corn syrup.

They are different.

I’m not promoting the health-value of either,

I just wanted you to know. 😉


Butter, water, sugar and salt.

‘Cause it’s salt water taffy, right?


Then, you let the temp. rise.


Here’s where I think this went amiss.

The directions said to get t up to 250,

but after we had issue with the mixture,

we researched a bit and learned that

the taffy should have been hotter.

But, hind-sight is 20/20…

I added the koolaid and vanilla and then,

poured it onto a greased pan.


Let it sit (and set) for about 20 minutes.


We buttered our hands and started to pull.


It was a huge mess.


Poor 007 could not get it to stay in a glob

and it was sticking to his buttery little hands.

He gave up, so I took over and tried to pull it.


It just would not hold shape.


After many attempts, I put it on some wax paper.

We put our ectoplasm in the fridge to congeal a bit.

It never grew up to be what we know taffy to look like,


It sure did taste like taffy.


Maybe, we’ll try again,

or maybe we’ll just buy some from the Jersey Shore…

31 pins to go.

Tune in next time to see our rock candy fail. 😉

Maybe we should avoid candy making…

Burlap Wreath

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I like celebrating Christmas in July

and, since Papa looked at me sideways

when I told him I was going to put the tree up,

I decided to make a wreath.

Yes. I did.

I bought some burlap

(right now, it’s on sale 50% off at Michaels)

and a wire wreath.

I used the thin wire I had from our nail polish flowers.




You can go to this site for a great tutorial.


Merry Christmas (in July)


32 pins to go

(and 153 days until Christmas)

Canvas Word Art

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We love movies, and words and that neat imperfect look that DIY gives art.

We also absolutely adore each other.

It’s true.

So, Papa and I made this piece together.

It seemed fitting

since it was going in our room.

We painted a canvas.


Added some vinyl letters.


We bought ours at Michaels

because we don’t have a vinyl cutter.


We painted over the letters.


We kinda like that unfinished paint look.


We waited a good hour


and then, pealed the letters off.

They’re reusable.

I like them.



This is a quote from one of our favorite films:

The Princess Bride.

33 pins to go.

Small Plush Storage

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At the beginning of the summer, when we were supporting a friend by buying some froyo, I got to talking with my sweet friend Barbie Doll. She told me that she did her first Pinterest craft. She was kind enough to share this pin with me.

007 inherited quite a few stuffed creatures from his older sister. We’ve allowed them to take over the top of his closet. And that’s been fine, until now. We’re going to be re-doing 007’s closet, and, well, his whole room this summer to prepare for school in the fall. (Stay tuned for those pins.) So, stuffies need to find a new home.

To make a hanging organizer, you’ll need

ribbon, clothes pins, a ring, and a nail or a hook.

I love it when all of the items I need are in my house already.


Thread the ribbon though the clothes pins


About every so often, make a knot.

You’ll end up with a long ribbon full of clothes pins.

When you’re finished, attach the ring.


Hang your ribbon to the wall or use a hook.


Make sure you drill into a stud.



Then, start clipping the stuffed animals to your ribbon.




Off the surface and displayed.

🙂 34 pins left.

Soft Serve Fruit…Ice Cream?

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I was intrigued when I saw this pin.

Soft serve ice cream in an instant using frozen fruit?

I had a bag of frozen mangoes.


I added 3/4 cup of condensed milk,

a little vanilla and a small pinch of salt.


And it turned into mango ice cream.

Really good mango ice cream!!


We could have eaten it just like that,

but we didn’t have time, so

I put it in the freezer for later.


This was so good.

I will absolutely be making this again.

Next time, I think I may leave out the salt entirely.

Try it. You’ll like it.

35 pins to go!!