Month: October 2014

Shepherd’s Pie

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When last I wrote, I was dressed in a Red Riding Hood costume, promising to let you in on what was in my basket “tomorrow”. Well, it would seem that “tomorrow” really meant next month. This post is dedicated to our biggest fan: my father in law who sent me an e-mail demanding to know what I was toting. Tom, I hope you enjoy finding out what is in my basket…


Our invitation to this brilliant get-together, required us to bring a “character themed dish”. As Red Riding Hood, I decided to bring Shepherd’s Pie. If you’re a fan of the show Once Upon a Time, you’ll know why. (You can find the super-simple recipe I used here.) All of my household members were skeptical, since Shepherd’s Pie has a rather dubious reputation. After I made it, however, they have requested that it be put in our regular meal rotation.

This particular meal isn’t the prettiest

to photograph, but it sure tasted good.


No shepherds were harmed in the making of this dish.