One Huge Oatmeal Pie

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Cat loves Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies. If I buy a box, she will consume the entire thing. So, when I saw this pin, I thought that it was a good “end of the first week of school snack”. Lets see if she agreed…

As always, when baking is involved,

I have, beside me,

my trusty side-kick 007


I didn’t even have to tell him to pose.

He saw the camera,

leaned in toward the mixer, smiled

and said “Is this a pin?”

What will he do next week

when he bakes without



The dough comes together quickly.


After you divide it into two

(fairly) equal portions,

bake it for 20 minutes.

Cat came home and sniffed the air with a smile.

She knew something awesome

was about to happen.

After they cooled, I spread on the icing.


That is the face of a happy sixteen year old.

I cut it into 8 pieces,

even though she thought

the whole thing was for her.

Her first words after tasting were

“Shut up” and “Yeah, man.”

That’s teenager for

“Dearest mother, thank you so very much

for providing me with this brilliant

biscuit after I toiled at my studies all day.

It is divine.”

I speak teenager,

so I was flattered.

If you love oatmeal cream pies

and can eat gluten

(which seriously rules out

a bunch of my friends)

than make this.

You’ll be glad that you did.

🙂 6 more, Ladies and Gents.


Cookie Dough Bites

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And they are HEALTHY! 🙂

I’m still on my quest

to find the best energy bites/bars.

I thought I liked the blueberry ones,

but cookie dough sounds so decadent.

Do you think their claims could be true?

Can this taste like cookie dough without eggs, flour or butter?

Let’s give it a go.

Equal parts oats, walnuts and almonds

with salt and cinnamon.


Grind it up.


Add honey and vanilla.


Mix again.

It’s sticky.


Add a few chocolate chips.

I mixed them in with my hands.


The instructions say to form it into little balls,

but I wanted to see how it would do in bar form.

I lined a bread pan with wax paper

and pushed the mixture into it.


Freeze it for about an hour.


Cut it into bars.


See that one missing?

007 took that one…


and ate it in 5 seconds flat.

He proceeded to ask for another.

I had to cut him off.

“Mom, but I like cookie dough!”

I didn’t even tell him what they were called.

Success! They are win.

39 pins left.

Top 10 From 2013: #1

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Days Until Sign

Days Until Sign

This was last year’s last pin.

Papa made it for me .

When Cat’s wisdom teeth were extracted, she asked if I could count down until her mouth was healed. She also asked if her tongue was still in her mouth and if we could go back because the anesthesiologist owed her a sticker…

We have used it to count down until birthdays, vacations, holidays and pretty much everything else we can celebrate.

If you look up close, you can see what we’re excited about this week: DSC_0602

1 Day Until Pinning Summer 2014

Come back tomorrow for our second year of Pinning Summer.

Top 10 From 2013: #2

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Top 10 Pinning Summer Projects from 2013


 Stenciling the Stairs

When I look back on our first Pinning Summer, this is the image that I see. Those stairs were the bane of my household existence for so long that I rejoice each time I go up and down them, even if I’m carrying laundry. Though this is a thoroughfare in our house, it still looks as bright and fun as it did the day we painted.

Top 10 From 2013: #3

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Top 10 Pinning Summer Projects from 2013

Thai Chicken w/ Noodles


Honestly, I should just have an entire countdown for the wonderful food that we ate last summer, but since I can’t, let me just tell you that this recipe is requested by Papa and Cat often. 007 isn’t a fan because it contains peanut butter. For him, I just save a bit of pasta and chicken and toss it with some leftover tomato sauce. Oh my, did I slip another one in there? 😉 It was a delicious summer.

Top 10 From 2013: #5

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Message Boards


If you were to enter the bathroom Papa and I share, you would see sweet little notes written in erasable ink. Sometimes they are notes of encouragement, occasionally they are notes of apology, but usually, they are quotes from poems, scriptures or song titles. Right now, one of them reads: “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies” while the other proclaims “Huzzah!”

If you get bored easily and love words, you need to make a few of these.

Ok, you could also use them for practical things like lists and signs…whatever.

Top 10 From 2013: #6

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Top 10 Pinning Summer Projects from 2013



This is a favorite with my facebook fans. Though we loved this recipe, stay tuned because this summer we’re making one that is a dead-ringer for that store bought one that we eat by the vat-full.