Tablecloth Curtains

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While I had the sewing machine out, I thought that I could conquer another sewing pin that has been lingering on my “to do” list. I saw this pin at the start of our adventure and while on my treasure hunts for materials, I kept looking for some bright tablecloths that I could use for curtains in my living room. Right now, we have cream colored curtains which give the space a nice crisp airy look in the summer, but I wanted something warm to frame them for the fall.

Ollies had these orange tablecloths for about five dollars each.


I found a set of neat shower curtain hooks at my thrift store for fifty cents.


Instead of the regular pin which tells us to hang the curtains through a rod,

I decided that I would make button holes for the hooks and hang them that way.

This required me using the sewing machine

to make button holes for the first time ever.

It took a while for me to figure it out.

I almost had to enlist my crafty friend Wonder Woman.

Eventually, Papa and I figured it out.


Who knew that you had to actually read the manual?


It was really cool watching the machine make the holes all by itself.




Papa helped rip the fabric to make the holes.


The hooks look really cool with the fabric.

Kinda Greek looking.

Like a toga.



Not too shabby for $10.50. 😉

6 more pins to go.

School starts tomorrow!

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