Tee Shirt Tank

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So…I like graphic tees. A lot. I probably have 30 different ones, and wear them on a rotation. Unfortunately, I always purchase guy’s graphic tees that are often too big for me (What’s up with that Old Navy? Beatles and Star Wars too cool for girls?) Anyway, I have been experimenting for months with what to do with these oversized, yet AWESOME, tees…but usually end up hacking them with scissors out of frustration. THEN I saw this pin and needed to know how to do it successfully, so I invited…


(aka, sewing/knitting queen and my crafty mentor)


Ultimately, if you can sew a straight line, cut in a straight line with scissors and wear clothes, you can do this pin!

DSC_0414The tutorial was very good and the pictures were very clear, however my one complaint would be that it did not explain how to add in the straps to the tank. What Wonder Woman and I did was cut a section of shirt at the bottom so that you have a thin ring of cloth. Then, we cut that ring so we have a noodle of cloth and strung it through the loops that you will have previously sewed at the top of the tee. Lastly, you tie it on one shoulder and adjust as needed!



41 pins to go

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    Tablecloth Curtains | Pinning Summer said:
    August 25, 2013 at 5:21 am

    […] I almost had to enlist my crafty friend Wonder Woman. […]

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