Red Riding Hood’s Hood

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I have this cute friend named Anna who graciously invited Cat and I to her annual  Once Upon A Time premier party. I chose to go as Ruby AKA Red Riding Hood, mostly because I really wanted a cape.

Papa and I saw quite a few tutorials on how to make a cape, but this one was our favorite. It looked simple enough and Papa promised me that he would make it for me help me.

We bought a piece of fun, red,

faux velvet material from

Jo Ann Fabrics.

(It was on sale! Yay!)


And followed the youtube video.


The material was hard to work with,

but we persevered.


The finished cape was great.


I paired it with a long underskirt

that I found at my local thrift store

on half price day.

It was with the bridal gowns.

Cat did my hair.


We had a smashing time at Anna’s party

while Kristoff, Papa and 007 stayed

at our house to watch The Lego Movie.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what’s

in my basket.



One thought on “Red Riding Hood’s Hood

    Shepherd’s Pie | Pinning Summer said:
    October 22, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    […] last I wrote, I was dressed in a Red Riding Hood costume, promising to let you in on what was in my basket “tomorrow”. Well, it would seem that […]

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