Wrap Bracelet

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Hey, Cat here!!! The pin today was making a wrap bracelet…sounds pretty awesome, right? Everything that awesome HAS to be complicated….except this.

What you need is a beading needle, a bobby pin about two hundred beads, a button, lots of beading thread (which has the feel of fishing wire), and 6ft. of some sort of string.

SEPNLNBA-EXkZzcjtL-GderKMbpPAkSlbHqyBx773lMAlso, it is very important that you have a caffeinated drink, otherwise success in this project will be slim. 😉


Although this was a very easy project, it was INCREDIBLY time consuming…so make sure you’ve got an hour or so of nothing to do.

(Not a problem for teenagers in the summer.)


h8LThiHXy9k2HjXevLArEHCwuO6P36B4_HioyKHB2NMWhen you read the tutorial on the pin, you’ll notice that it’s pretty much just putting a bead on a string, and then wrapping it around another string. And that’s it.


I’m pretty sure the hardest part was pushing the beads up on the string so it was loose…

DSC_0032 DSC_0035 DSC_0040

So there you have it. A ridiculously easy bracelet that actually looks…pretty good!! 🙂

Original pin can be found here: http://handmadejade.com/2012/09/21/i-heart-wrap-bracelets/

60 left!


Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

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This is our first pin, so I should probably start with one that made me skeptical; one that I pinned months ago but have been scared to try. Go big or go home!

When we originally decorated Cat’s room, we ran out of wallpaper for the wall behind her door. We thought that would be a great wall to chalkboard so that Cat can write down plans, notes, song lyrics, calculus equations, etc. Chalkboard paint can be a little pricy, almost 15 dollars for 30 ounces on Amazon. So, we put the idea aside for a while because apparently chalkboard paint isn’t essential. Who knew?! Then, one day, while wasting time doing research on Pinterest, I came across this pin:

chalkboard paint mixture

It sounded good. It even sounded easy, which makes it sound better than good. (Gooder?) But the question still remained: would it work???

We had some paint left over from our last painting endeavor (the basement/movie room) so, I mixed a cup of it with a tablespoon of the un-sanded grout. A commenter from the pin said that they had trouble with the consistency of the mixture, but I think it was alright. Maybe they used a different kind of paint? All I know is that it was still paint-like, just with some grains of sand. Seemed okay to me.

Papa taped the walls for me because I hate doing that.

I painted one coat.


I let it dry for about an hour and half and painted the second coat.

I let it dry for another hour and then took off the tape.

After it was completely dry, we had to “season” the wall so that the first words written were not etched in forever (etching glass, by the way, is happening on Wednesday so make sure you come back).

Word to the wise: put down a drop cloth and be prepared for a lot of chalk dust! You could maybe even wear some protective goggles. I did not think of these things. So, 007 had pink hair for the rest of the evening. I would love to say that this is an uncommon occurrence. Back to the project!


We erased the seasoning and it worked!

Now, when I say that “it worked” I mean it worked for us. It’s a little bumpy but it serves it’s purpose here in Cat’s room. If I was in need of another chalkboard wall in the kitchen or the dining room or somewhere else that is seen more, then I may have sprung for the store bought stuff.

But she loves it so, I’m sold.


61 to go. 😉

July 1-7: The Plan

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Plans are also subject to change. At a moment’s notice. On a whim. You’ve been warned.

Monday: Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Tuesday: Wrap Bracelet

Wednesday: Glass Etching

Thursday: Uncle Sam Hat and 4th of July Cake

Friday: Headbands

Saturday: Laundry Soap

Sunday: Sunscreen Lotion Bars

We take suggestions! If you see a pin on Pinterest and would like us to do it, simply leave the pin the comment area and (if we can afford it) we’ll do it!

I Am Craft Challenged

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But when I look at Pinterest with its glowing, sparkly pins, I succumb to the delusion that I, too, can make these lovely, wonderful things that will change my world. I pin them to my imaginary, cyber bulletin board and tell myself that one day, I will try that thing, when I have enough time and if I have enough courage.

This summer is that time.

Armed with my trusty side-kick (my 15-year-old daughter, Cat) who can actually do crafty things, we will conquer my Pinterest boards. Baking, cooking, crafting, building, beauty: we’re going after you.

July 1, 2013 we’re going pin-crazy and we’ll post our results here, no matter how ugly they get.