Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies

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We have lots of gluten free friends and, when we invite them over for dinner, we always like to keep their diet in mind. That being said, I would not serve these to my gluten-free and sugar-free friends. 007 called them “healthy cookies” and I burst out laughing. Folks, these are not “healthy” cookies. BUT they are REALLY TASTY cookies. In fact, they lasted all of 10 minutes with my gluten free crowd.

You can find the recipe here.


My trusty baking side kick.


Don’t be afraid if the consistency is like thick syrup.


Because of all the egg whites, they puff up

and have a beautiful shine.


No flour required.



My New Pet: Sourdough Starter

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I’ve wanted to try to make my own sourdough for a long time now, but, quite frankly, the whole “starter” issue freaked me out a little. Having a bowl of something in my kitchen that would grow only if I fed it sounded a little too Little Shop of Horrors to me, ya know?

But I tried it anyway.

There are many, many pins out there that can help. To read the article that I followed click here. It has the measurements, the times and some other interesting stuff about the starter.

While on this journey, I learned a lot: some of it was good and some of it was sticky…

This is my largest mason jar.

DSC_0331‘Cause you can’t put it in metal

or plastic.

There are specific temps


‘Cause if it’s too hot,

you’ll kill the yeast.

Nobody wants dead yeast on their hands.

Or, really any yeast on their hands.


I mixed the starter,

covered it loosely and went to the grocery store

for my weekly hunting and gathering trip.

When I came home,

I saw this


Apparently, I need a larger jar.

I didn’t have one.

So, I trapped it in an old crock pot.

Ha! Try to get out of that!


It tried.


After the appropriate waiting time,

I fed my starter and used a cup of the

foaming mixture to make my first sourdough bread.

Tomorrow: Sourdough Bread Update

πŸ™‚ Spoiler: it’s good.

Beakfast Oatmeal Apple Crisp

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This recipe is simple and you

make it the night before,

so that you can wake up to

a warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning.

Cut up two or three of your favorite apples.

I like Granny Smith.


Toss them in your slow cooker.


Look down and notice that your dog is

hoping that you drop an apple piece.


Add 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar and


…one teaspoon of cinnamon.


He’s getting closer.


Add 2 cups of oatmeal


and 4 cups of water.

No need to stir.


My slow cooker is programable.

I set it for four hours and then it switches to warm

for the rest of the night.


I don’t have an after picture,

but, trust me, it’s good.

On Saturday morning,

we set up an “oatmeal bar”

with a bunch of add-ins: nuts,

dried cranberries, chocolate chips, etc.

We ate oatmeal, watched a Christmas movie

and enjoyed one another’s company.

I love this season.


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I’ve never been very good at making snowflakes, but lately I’ve been seeing some pretty nifty ones on Pinterest. Last week, when Cat was at ballet at 007 was practicing his spy moves at karate, I sat myself down armed with some paper, a pair of scissors, my trusty dog Seamus and these instructions.




They turned out so well, I decided to let our

elf, Henry, take credit for them.

Β Β  DSC_0861

Super Mario Cupcakes

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We kicked off December, our busiest, most celebratory month, with 007’s birthday. To celebrate 007’s 8th birthday, we tried to incorporate all the things he loves: pizza, legos, muppets and Super Mario…

Since 007 requested chocolate cupcakes, I decided to use a regular boxed mix and jazz it up a bit. Instead of water, I used milk and instead of oil, I used butter. The cupcakes came out super light and fluffy.

I used the same homemade, marshmallow fondant recipe that we used here, colored a bit of the fondant yellow and left the rest of it white.


I cut out some little stars and

Cat cut out some tiny circles.


We iced them in a simple circle.

I drew little lines on the stars

using a food coloring pen.


Then, we simply placed the fondant on the cupcakes.


Simple and cute.

007 loved having them for his “one up” birthday. πŸ˜‰

Shepherd’s Pie

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When last I wrote, I was dressed in a Red Riding Hood costume, promising to let you in on what was in my basket “tomorrow”. Well, it would seem that “tomorrow” really meant next month. This post is dedicated to our biggest fan: my father in law who sent me an e-mail demanding to know what I was toting. Tom, I hope you enjoy finding out what is in my basket…


Our invitation to this brilliant get-together, required us to bring a “character themed dish”. As Red Riding Hood, I decided to bring Shepherd’s Pie. If you’re a fan of the show Once Upon a Time, you’ll know why. (You can find the super-simple recipe I used here.) All of my household members were skeptical, since Shepherd’s Pie has a rather dubious reputation. After I made it, however, they have requested that it be put in our regular meal rotation.

This particular meal isn’t the prettiest

to photograph, but it sure tasted good.


No shepherds were harmed in the making of this dish.


Red Riding Hood’s Hood

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I have this cute friend named Anna who graciously invited Cat and I to her annualΒ  Once Upon A Time premier party. I chose to go as Ruby AKA Red Riding Hood, mostly because I really wanted a cape.

Papa and I saw quite a few tutorials on how to make a cape, but this one was our favorite. It looked simple enough and Papa promised me that he would make it for me help me.

We bought a piece of fun, red,

faux velvet material from

Jo Ann Fabrics.

(It was on sale! Yay!)


And followed the youtube video.


The material was hard to work with,

but we persevered.


The finished cape was great.


I paired it with a long underskirt

that I found at my local thrift store

on half price day.

It was with the bridal gowns.

Cat did my hair.


We had a smashing time at Anna’s party

while Kristoff, Papa and 007 stayed

at our house to watch The Lego Movie.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what’s

in my basket.