My New Pet: Sourdough Starter

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I’ve wanted to try to make my own sourdough for a long time now, but, quite frankly, the whole “starter” issue freaked me out a little. Having a bowl of something in my kitchen that would grow only if I fed it sounded a little too Little Shop of Horrors to me, ya know?

But I tried it anyway.

There are many, many pins out there that can help. To read the article that I followed click here. It has the measurements, the times and some other interesting stuff about the starter.

While on this journey, I learned a lot: some of it was good and some of it was sticky…

This is my largest mason jar.

DSC_0331‘Cause you can’t put it in metal

or plastic.

There are specific temps


‘Cause if it’s too hot,

you’ll kill the yeast.

Nobody wants dead yeast on their hands.

Or, really any yeast on their hands.


I mixed the starter,

covered it loosely and went to the grocery store

for my weekly hunting and gathering trip.

When I came home,

I saw this


Apparently, I need a larger jar.

I didn’t have one.

So, I trapped it in an old crock pot.

Ha! Try to get out of that!


It tried.


After the appropriate waiting time,

I fed my starter and used a cup of the

foaming mixture to make my first sourdough bread.

Tomorrow: Sourdough Bread Update

🙂 Spoiler: it’s good.


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