A New Leaf

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Technically, we have two more pins scheduled for our “Pinning Summer Adventure” though we stopped counting a few weeks ago. This summer, I planned crafts, diy projects, foods, remedies and organizational techniques that I found on Pinterest. There were 75 of them and we accomplished most of them this summer, doing one project a day, sometimes two. My lofty 75 pin summer was cut a bit short by the unexpected/expected onset of fall. There just weren’t enough days to hold all of the awesomeness!

So, instead of continually counting down our pins, I just figured that I would post them as they come, even throughout fall, winter and spring. Yup. Pinning Summer will be a year-round occurrence, just not with posts everyday. We’ll post every now and then, when we feel like we did something that you’d like to see. Like our next pin. It’s in Papa’s shop right now and will be finished this weekend. (But shhh!!! don’t tell Cat. It’s a surprise for her and for her shoes. 😉 )

So, thanks for sharing summer with us, reading our thoughts and encouraging us when we miss the mark. We appreciate YOU and hope that you enjoy the “new season” of Pinning Summer.


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    ionedar said:
    September 15, 2014 at 3:38 pm


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