Word Wall Art

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It’s no secret that I love words. Many of my Pinterest pages are filled with quips, book quotes and fancy fonts. I love the written word. So do my kids. 🙂 When I showed this pin to Cat, a book page blown up and framed on the wall, she looked at me with big eyes and asked “Can I have one?”

Our dinner table debate that night was about whether or not we would be breaking copyright laws by copying a page of a book we owned and hanging it on the wall. Papa, aka the Copyright Police, ended the discussion with “well, since we own it, are not selling it and are only using a small piece of it, I think it’s okay.”

That debate took longer than actually doing this pin.

We scanned the picture and sent it to Staples.

It’s an engineer print.

It’s huge.


And it only cost me about 3 bucks.

I took it home and unrolled it.


Michael’s was having a great sale on frames.

I got this one for 8 dollars.



I slipped the thin print in the frame

and Papa hung it up for me.


Cat chose the first page of her

favorite book: A Wrinkle in Time.

I probably would have picked A Tale of Two Cities.

What would you want on your wall??


I think it’s fun.

You should come over and see it

because it looks wonderful in person.



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