Crock Pot Salsa

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Similar to my search for a creamier hummus and a superior energy bar, my quest to find a great salsa, fills my Pinterest boards. When my friend, Gluten Free Julia Child, gave me some organic tomatoes, I knew I had to try this intriguing cooked salsa recipe.



Jalepeno, shallots and garlic:

all in the crock pot


After 2 1/2 hours,

I was pleasantly surprised.


We’re not big fans of cilantro,

so I was happy when this recipe suggested to

substitute it with Italian Parsley.


I added the parsley and the salt

and threw it in the blender.


If we make this again, I think

I’ll use another jalepeno

to make it a bit more zippy

and I think I’ll use way less parsley.


Still, though, I really liked the texture;

it was more like my favorite jarred salsa.

This one might be a keeper. 🙂

16 pins to go.


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