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Nothing reminds me how craft-challenged I am like glue and duct tape. As I sit here with sticky hands, I’d like to recount how I spent the last hour in my kitchen…

Once upon a time, I saw this gorgeous upcycled cereal box picture and pinned it to my Pinterest board. I read the directions and thought “This looks easy!” Forgetting that crafts are my kryptonite, I proceeded to gather the materials telling 007, “We’re going to have fun!”

I bought this snazzy super hero themed scrapbook paper

a while ago when it was half off.

I have various plans for it’s contents.


We’ve been stock-piling cereal boxes

because there are tons of

cool pins about how to reuse them.

This is just one.


We started by cutting the top of the box.



We cut a diagonal line.



And then cut patterns in scrap book paper,

construction paper and felt.

007 likes green a lot.


Here’s where things got sticky.

The construction paper boded to

the adhesive spray immediately which, you would think,

would be a good thing, but, you see,

there was no time to maneuver the paper on the inside.

Wherever it stuck was where it was staying,

including my hands.


I continued to paper the inside of the box

and then moved to the outside of the box.


All of this took about 10 minutes.

And then, came the duct tape.

I really should have bought pretty washi tape,

but it’s raining outside and I wanted to

work with what I had.

What I had was silver duct tape.


Overall, I was happy with the way it turned out.


It’s not perfect, but

my little super hero loved it.

Because all super heroes need a place to store

their Lego Mags.


Where nobody can see them.


          18 more pins to go

after I take the glue off of my hands…


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