Fun Toothbrush Holder

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Ok, I think we need to talk about the elephant in the room (the bathroom).


This very easy pin is in the styling of the one found here, except we used a non-extinct animal as our base.

I took the elephant to the shop along with one of our kid’s toothbrushes to determine the size of drill bit to use for this project.


I drilled a pilot hole as a guide for the bigger spade bit.  The hole was drilled through the top and the bottom in one pass.



Then I switched to the spade bit and drilled the bigger holes to accommodate the toothbrush.  These bits are not known for their super-smooth hole drilling, especially into soft material like a plastic elephant.


The rough edges are no problem when you have a utility knife handy. It also allowed me to make the hole size more accurate to the toothbrush handle.

Sorry guys… the next image is painful.


I switched to a smaller sized spade bit to do the bottom so that the tip of the handle would rest it in without falling all the way through. I only drilled part of the way and then drilled from the other direction (through the top holes). This made a very nice hole that didn’t need to be trimmed much with the knife.


That’s it!  Looks pretty cool at the sink.


An elephant never forgets.  Let’s hope the kids never forget to brush!

22 pins to go.


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