Homemade Cheese-Its

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I have this sweet, beautiful friend who is expecting another little one in a few months and has been craving cheese-its, among other things. Because I love with food, I decided to bake these for her.

I shredded a block of cheese.

I didn’t need all of it,

but tonight was Taco Tuesday

so this was useful.



I combined the cheese with

butter, flour and some cold water.

The dough reminded me of pie crust.

I flattened it into a disk and

put it in the fridge to chill for an hour.


After an hour,

I floured and rolled it.

I love dough, especially dough

that looks like Ireland.


especially dough

that looks like Ireland.


After it was rolled, I cut it into squares.

They weren’t that even,

but it worked for me.


I punctured them with a chopstick.

here they are ready to enter the oven.


Here is the finished product,

all brown and puffy.


I baked them for a few minutes longer

than the original directions indicated

to get that nice golden color.

I packed them in a baggie and delivered

half of them to my lovely friend.

I do hope she enjoys them.

007 and Papa test-tasted about 15 of them,

you know, to make sure they were ok

for others to consume. 😉

24 pins left.



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