Closet Shelves

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007’s room is one of our big summer projects. Can you tell? We’ve organized his stuffies and built a new desk but today, our project is to eliminate the wasted space in his closet. You know that side part of the closet that is basically dead space? We’re going to build some shelves.

And when I say “we”, I mean Papa.

There he is, cutting some shelves from

discarded wood.


He made little braces and nailed them

(with the terrifying nail gun)

to the walls to hold the shelves.


Then, he made sure that the shelves

were the right size.


I painted them because

that’s what I do.


We bought little cloth bins at Bed bath and Beyond

and filled them with socks and tee-shirts.

I rejoiced because there was finally a place

to put his shoes.


All in the corner of the closet.


We also did this on the other side as well.

Just one step closer to a neat and tidy room.

Just one pin closer to our goal: 26 pins to go.


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