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At the beginning of the summer, when we were supporting a friend by buying some froyo, I got to talking with my sweet friend Barbie Doll. She told me that she did her first Pinterest craft. She was kind enough to share this pin with me.

007 inherited quite a few stuffed creatures from his older sister. We’ve allowed them to take over the top of his closet. And that’s been fine, until now. We’re going to be re-doing 007’s closet, and, well, his whole room this summer to prepare for school in the fall. (Stay tuned for those pins.) So, stuffies need to find a new home.

To make a hanging organizer, you’ll need

ribbon, clothes pins, a ring, and a nail or a hook.

I love it when all of the items I need are in my house already.


Thread the ribbon though the clothes pins


About every so often, make a knot.

You’ll end up with a long ribbon full of clothes pins.

When you’re finished, attach the ring.


Hang your ribbon to the wall or use a hook.


Make sure you drill into a stud.



Then, start clipping the stuffed animals to your ribbon.




Off the surface and displayed.

🙂 34 pins left.


One thought on “Small Plush Storage

    Closet Shelves | Pinning Summer said:
    August 3, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    […] room is one of our big summer projects. Can you tell? We’ve organized his stuffies and built a new desk but today, our project is to eliminate the wasted space in his closet. You […]

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