Packing T-shirts

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Tomorrow, I’m heading off to China for eight days with two family friends, leaving Mama, Dad, and 007 at home. I am extremely excited! However, there have been many preparations leading up to trip, including many packing techniques.

My friend, Elizabeth Bennet and her family introduced me to this nifty packing-perfect-pin, that she has used on her travels.

IMG_0017 T shirts work the best, however I used them it for all of my blouses as well.


First, flip your shirt over and fold the bottom seam upward.

IMG_0025 Then you flip it again to where the front is facing you (in my case, the Star Wars logo).

…and then you fold the sleeves inward so they overlap.




 After overlapping, you roll toward the seam you originally folded over.



Yes, it looks like this giant sausage after rolling…


Now, there should be a flap, which is the first seam we folded over and you unfold it over the rest of the shirt.

 And it should look like this. 🙂



Here’s another tutorial on this technique.

38 pins left.


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