Squash Mac and Cheese

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When I first read this recipe on Pinterest, I was skeptical. Would my family go for this? (Go here for the recipe)

Take half of a squash


and roast it in the oven.


While it’s roasting, make a bechamel sauce


and add NUTMEG! Crazy!



Blend your roasted squash with some milk

and add it to the flour, butter, nutmeg mixture.


It will look creamy, like cheese sauce.

Cook some pasta.

I like pene.


When the pasta is done,

mix it with your squash sauce.


Place half on the bottom of your pan,

cover with some cheese.

Cover the cheese layer with the rest of the pasta

and hit it with some more cheese on top

and some bread crumbs, if you’d like.


Cat doesn’t eat bread crumbs, so I just cover half.

Bake it.

Get out your pretty bowls given to you by a pretty friend.


Get out your trivet made by your

amazingly talented daughter.


Set your mac and cheese out to rest.


Serve your sweet family who request this meal every week.

      in a bowl

41 pins to go.

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