Magazine Seat

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Hey Everybody! It’s your favourite Cat!

Over many, many years, I have developed an overwhelming stack of dance magazines that had begun to leap off my bookshelves out of claustrophobia.

So I turned to loving arms of Pinterest to help me and my organizational needs, as I usually do…:)


I was armed with two belts from Community Aid…







…and all of the magazines I own.

Yet in order to create my magazine seat, I had a bit more to do.


So Dad helped me out quite a bit when making a platform

for the magazines to be placed on, but also

could support a person sitting on it.

    DSC_0205               DSC_0201


Wooden platform. Check.

Next, I needed a pillow in order for my rear end to fit nicely on the seat, rather than right on the magazines.

     DSC_0214          DSC_0215



Then you put it all together…



48 more pins


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