Dry Erase Board

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Ok, yes, technically we’ve already done this, but then I saw this and knew I needed to make it for our Study. (Do you like that? The Study. I’m trying to get that one to stick. Now I just need a Conservatory and a Lounge. Ha!)

I bought a big ole frame at my thrift store.

It wasn’t as big as I’d like it, but, hey,

for 6 bucks, it was in great shape, so I took it.


I removed the back and the picture.

The hardware was sturdy, so I left in in tact.


I went outside and sanded the

plastic part of the frame.

It was a gorgeous day.


I used our primer from last year.


Oh, and our paint from last year.


Papa used some left over wood to cut a new back.


007 helped me paint the board

with white paint that we had

from another project.

He’s working so hard!

       DSC_0191 DSC_0192

When everything was dry,

we assembled it

and Papa hung it on the wall…


…in the Study. 😉


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