Bean Bags

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We lovingly refer to this bucket as “Sock Heaven” which, I guess would more accurately be described as “Sock Purgatory”. In either case, this is where socks live when they are separated from their mates.


007 and I chose a few socks that seem to have

permanent residence in Sock Heaven.


We cut them.


We turned them inside out,

sewed seams and turned them out again.


We left a little opening on one side so that we could fill it.


We used lentils and a funnel.


We sewed up the corner and continued

until we had no more lentils left.

So, what can you do with these cute little bean bags??

The kids loved throwing them at each other and trying to juggle with them.

Papa mentioned that he could make a “Corn Hole” game.

I thought that we could warm them up in the microwave and use them as little heating pads. (Especially for Cat after dance practice.)

For this pin and more ways to

use mismatched socks, go here.

60 pins to go.



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