Homemade Chai Concentrate

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I don’t drink coffee, but Papa does. I’m pretty sure that he keeps South American plantations in business. When I dine with friends, I usually take tea or hot chocolate, but a few years ago, my friend “Shimmer” offered me a cup of liquid Christmas: a chai latte. Since then, I’ve been hooked. (Incidentally, Shimmer also started my dependence on hummus. Papa and the kids would like to take this opportunity to thank her.)

We have bought chai in various forms, but, by far, the concentrate has been my favorite. Today, I am making some here at home. I’ve tried a few this year, but  this fabulous recipe is my favorite so far.

There are so many advantages to making things from scratch. Cost is most definitely one, but a very close second is the ability to control your ingredients. There are a whole lot of spices that go into this tea. If you don’t have them all, then just use what you’ve got and if you have ground spices and not whole spices (like me) just make sure you strain them later on.

I do have to say that cardamom (though a little pricey) does make a difference. I snatched this one at Target when it was on sale.


I boiled all the spices in a pot with the water.


My house smelled dandy.

Toss in the tea bags for 5 minutes.


I have found, that if you leave the tea bags in

longer than 5 minutes, it  makes

the finished product taste a little bitter.


The above method of straining was too slow for me.

Eventually, I just used a tea towel.

Investing in a cheese cloth may be in my future.

After I strained it, I poured into a large mason jar.


A batch like this will last me a week, maybe,

unless Cat sees it. She’s a chai fan, too.

But she’s out with friends today…


Half milk, half chai, a bit of sweetener and

some *even sweeter* quiet time.

63 pins to go, y’all.


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