Fabric Covered Box

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007 and I go to the library twice a week. Our library has tons of fun activities for kids during the summer, my friend, Pixie, works at the reference desk and well, it’s like shopping for free.

I wanted to make and inviting little home for library treasures in 007’s room. That way, the materials can stay in his room and if he can see the books, he’s more likely to read them.

Originally, I popped over here and thought that the bright fabric looked lovely. Then, I followed the instructions here to make the cover for the box.

Yes. I attempted to sew again. I have to keep trying. Some of you may remember when I made a reversible bag that did not reverse or when I sewed my first seam for a pillow case tote. Some people are good at sewing. I am not one of those people. But what I lack in skill, I make up for in persistence and pizazz. 😉


I had to call in backup.


Last year, I bought two tablecloths at

my local thrift store for about a dollar each.

This is the second sewing project I’ve used them for

and I still have more for another project.




I had a few small cardboard boxes for this specific reason.


I slipped the box into the fabric covering.

007 ran to grab his library books.


It’s not perfect, but he likes it

and that is all that matters to me. 😉

65 pins to go.


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