Bathroom Remodel: Part 2 The Floor

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In our cute little fixer-upper house, we’re chipping away at our to-do list. Our 1960’s bathroom has spent the longest time on this list. Yesterday, we showed you the walls and today, as promised, we’ll show you the floor.


First step: rip up the tile.


Cat found demo therapeutic.


After the tile was out, Papa discovered that

there was a lot of water damage.

he had to cut out part of the floor.


Yeah. He wasn’t too happy.

After he fixed the hole, he laid down a new,

smooth sub-floor.



After looking at lots of Pinterest bathroom

before and afters and weighing our options,

we chose to go with a cost-effective sticky tile.


We wanted it to look like real tile, so we used spacers and grout.

I actually grouted the tile. Is grouted a word?

DSC_0607        We were so pleased with this tile, we may use it when

we re-do the kitchen… next summer

(Papa, stop breathing into that paper bag).

Come back tomorrow for the big reveal.

70 pins left.


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