Bathroom Remodel: Part 1 The Walls

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Before the Beatles invaded, before my parents met and before I was born, our house was built and the tile was laid in this bathroom. 1960, I’m told, was a fantastic year.

Now, I’m all about retro, all about classic, vintage things, but we’ve had to reattach quite a few tiles and we’ve noticed that the floor by the bath is a bit, um, spongy. It was apparent that our bathroom needed a face-lift for more than cosmetic reasons.

Being a bit decorating challenged, I turned to my favorite inspiration place: Pinterest.

Our plan was to re-do the floors, add paint and bead board to the walls and to figure out how to get light into this tiny bathroom.

Here’s the before.


See how the tile goes halfway up the wall?


We found out that it used to be pink.


Papa and I knocked it off the walls in a jiffy.


Unfortunately, there was a bit of water damage.

Papa had to build a new part of the wall.


And then, he attached the bead board with his new toy tool.

He attached the moulding and I painted the walls.

The color, if you’re wondering, is called Harbor Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Did you know that Home Depot and Lowes can mix colors from other brands? You probably did, but I didn’t. They have all the colors on their computers.


 Here is what the walls looked like with the bead board, moulding and paint.

Tune in tomorrow to see what we did with the floor. 🙂

71 pins left.


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