Chicken and Biscuits

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Usually a winter meal, this recipe is great because it always affords us leftovers and during the summer, with everyone home, leftovers work wonderfully for lunch.

First, get a crock pot.


Mine is red and I love it.

Then, chop up your onions, celery, carrots and (I add) potatoes.

Check the link for the specifics.

Mix them with a can of cream of chicken and a can of cream of celery soup.

Lay a few chicken breasts on top.


I love that part.

I don’t have to brown meat or cut it.


Cover it with chicken broth and let it cook for a few hours.

When the chicken is tender, it shreds really easily.

I add a little turmeric powder.


Pop open a can of refrigerated biscuits and

enlist a cute seven year old to roll them into little balls.


Stir them in a little and wait for a few minutes until they are cooked through.


Chicken and biscuits: it’s what’s for dinner…and lunch.

Good stuff. 😉

72 pins left.


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