Removing Pills from Sweaters

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I’m taking this break from holiday decor to help you keep your sweaters looking new.

I have a well-loved, well-worn white sweater that, due to wearing and washing,

has developed these little bally things all over it.

I have come to realize that these are called “pills”.

Whatever their name may be, they are unsightly.

What is a girl to do? Buy a new sweater?

No, siree.

I saw this pin and knew that I had to try it.


Here’s my sweater. See the pills?

Trust me, they look worse in person.

Just ask Cat.

I’m pretty sure she’s tired of me wearing this sweater.

She’d be happy if it “got lost” somewhere.

Ah well. Let’s fix it.

I ran my little pumice stone-like thing, shaped like a foot

over the pills and the yarn that was frizzing

and viola!

All better.


It took a little while, but I did it while watching a Christmas movie.

If you try this, just be careful not to rub too hard or too long in one spot

because you’re pretty strong and you might put a whole in it.

I’m going to slip my sweater on and go shopping with Cat.

She’ll be SO glad this sweater is back in rotation. 😉


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