Peace Sign

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We have an Elf on the Shelf. I know, I know, very controversial. Hey, that’s how we roll. 😉

007 doesn’t believe in Santa, he doesn’t believe that the elf is checking up on his behavior, and he knows very well that Papa and I are behind the whole thing, but still, every single morning, my little guy wakes up and runs to see what Henry Ebeneezer is doing. It’s the first thing he does.

So, we figured that since we have this platform, we should have our little elf point out the things that are special about this time of year, special about Christmas, about Jesus. (Ok, except for the one night when Henry TP’d the tree. That was just for fun.)

One of my favorite was this sign that Henry “made”:

DSC_0442 1

Henry was dangling from the string with a note beside him that read:

“Presents are fun, but the real reason we are so happy for Christmas

is because God sent us the Prince of Peace.”

But, you don’t need an elf to do it, this sign is easy!

DSC_0444 1The free printable letters can be found here.

I just copied the letters, cut them out, glued them to construction paper

and hung them on a string with some clothes pins. 🙂


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