After School Snacks

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Today, I made two snacks to greet my kiddies as they came home from school: Chex Mix and Peanut Butter Brownies. Cat’s friend, Henry Higgins, came over for snacks and a mid-week movie. I love having new guinea pigs, lab rats, guests.

The Chex Mix was simple:

Throw 3 different types of Chex, pretzel sticks, and nuts into the crockpot.


On the stove, melt some butter, add Worcestershire and some spices.

Two and a half hours on low.

Word to the wise: stir it every half hour or

a few of your Wheat Chex may burn.

I won’t tell you how I learned that.



I made some “skinny” brownies. 😉

It calls for Greek yogurt and oats instead of flour.


Cat likes peanut butter, but 007 can’t stand it.

Funny how two kids can be so completely opposite.

I say that a few times a day.

Half the brownies have pb and half do not.



When the kids came home, they were excited to try the new snacks.


007 really enjoyed the Chex mix.

If I let him, he may have finished the entire bowl.


Cat and Henry Higgins tried the brownies

and in true “foodie” fashion, they critiqued them.


And cracked themselves up.


I love these kids.


And they love food.

Overall, they liked the brownies, but not as much as “regular” brownies.

3 more pins to go.


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