Mini Cannoli Cheesecakes

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Papa’s been working hard all day building the new cabinet for our small bathroom, so I decided to make something for him. He simply adores cheesecake. Me? Not so much. I’ve actually never made a cheesecake. But, I’m a sucker for cannoli. Let’s see how this turns out, shall we?

007 loves top-secret projects.

This one required a bunch of ingredients.


He cracks me up.

As soon as I plugged the food processor in, he started singing:

“You turn me right round, baby, right round, like a record baby…”

Yup. Parenting at it’s best right there.

This is why I can’t home-school this kid.

If I did, he would just learn about 1980’s music, British history and Star Wars.

It’s good he’s going back to school in a few weeks.

I’m holdin’ him back. Unless he wants to be in an 80’s cover band,

or a British history professor, or work for George Lucas.


Maybe I should keep him home with me.


The crust was fun to make.

He liked crushing the waffle cones

and then pulverizing them.


He also enjoys the mixer.


“…like a record baby. Right, right, round, round…”


The cheesecake part of these little cheesecake cannolis was light and fluffy.


Into the oven they went.

I was skeptical.

Would they bake?

Would they come out of the tin easily?


Check it out: I made little cheesecakes!!!

Then I added the cannoil part,

wIth the cute little tiny chocolate chips.

(Yes, Cat there are plenty left for you.)


And then I ate it.

I did.

I. Ate. Cheesecake.



It was…ok.

In the future, I would do two things to improve these cute little guys:

1. Make the crust thinner.

It came out a little chewy and I think it’s supposed to be crispy.

2. Ditch the cannoil part.

Even though it was very good,

it didn’t taste enough like a cannoli for me.

A really nice blueberry sauce would have been much better.

Still, though, Papa appreciated them and that’s the only reason I even ventured into cheesecake land.

21 more pins. 😉


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