Magnet Money

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Cat’s away at her grandparents. I miss her. This post is dedicated to my beautiful Cat who loves foreign lands. 😉

In my room, on my dresser, stands a mug that contains a few pieces of treasure.

Maybe you have a similar treasure keeper in your room.


Perhaps, like me, your treasures are a bit dusty, dirty and


maybe even sticky? Do you have Mickey Mouse confetti in yours?

And a key? I have no idea where that came from!

Perhaps, you’ll clean your pretties to make them shine.


And you’ll look at the fine treasure and want to display it for all to see!

Just like this pin here.


You’ll get some magnets and some glue.

Strong glue.


And you’ll glue the magnets right on to the clean treasures.

You’ll let them dry and then use them…


    …to hang other treasures.

22 pins to go, friends.

Thanks for encouraging us!


2 thoughts on “Magnet Money

    Malia said:
    August 30, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    hey, I think that key would fit in my desk! Maybe you should give it to me next time I see you, just in case. Because you know, of course, my kids lost the real key 🙂 I’m having fun reading about your whole summer in one day!

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