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I promise this will be the last picture frame pin this week. There are so many examples of this pin on Pinterest, that I couldn’t pick just one to link, but it’s so easy that you don’t really need much a of a tutorial. 🙂

Papa and I are redecorating our small bathroom. He’s building a new storage cabinet (he’s that good), re-framing the mirror and we’ll paint the vanity together. These things are only partially finished, so in the mean time, we decided to think about how to decorate the walls. (Really, every single time you see the words we decided and decorate you need to know that it means I talked him into it. I’m pretty sure that, left to his own devices, my husband would live in a home with nothing on the walls except for a poster of a wolf.)

Since I’m a lover of words (and so is he) I thought it would be fun to have little message boards where we could write encouraging things to one another. Ok, ok, or reminders, whatever!

I went back to my thrift store to get two frames that were the same size.

I needed to get them the same size. That was Papa’s only request.


I took the backs off, removed the Winnie the Pooh pictures that were previously residing there,

and set the glass aside for cleaning.

I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m insane.

I spray paint so much outside that parts of our back lawn look like a scenes from Alice and Wonderland.

I used black primer here.


Then, I used a nice high gloss black and

hid them under the car-port so that the rain wouldn’t hurt ’em.


I picked out some fun scrap-booking paper that was on a HUGE sale.


Then, I waited for 007 to go to sleep so that Papa could assist.


I did help and hold the frame this time.

My friend Bellann said that to get over my irrational fear of staple guns,

I should increase my proximity a bit each time.

Today was close enough.

I hate that thing.

But it did help to produce a fun new craft.



Here’s Papa holding his. 😉



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