Spray Painting Frames

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This summer we have spray painted the railing on my basement stairs, the light plate, wooden letters, vases, and today: picture frames. I am stunned by the versatility of spray paint!

Since we just spruced up the basement stairwell, I we decided that it needed a bit of decoration.

It was pretty and clean, but a little boring on the down-slope.


There certainly are a lot of pinsirations about decorating with pictures.

I liked the ones that personalize it with a letter and a fun frame.

I was glad when I saw this at my local craft store on clearance.

DSC_0535I primed it and then happily spray painted it red.

Then, I remembered that I bought these frames a year ago at Target

for like a quarter each on clearance.

I think it was an after-Easter sale.


Te blue and green sparkles were cute, but not the right look for this project.

So, I primed them…


 And painted them red. 🙂

I like red.

I picked out pictures of us and printed them in gray scale

and inserted them into my cute little red frames.


See, Cat there? She dressed like Eponine for Halloween last year.

Just above her is a picture of 007’s first day of school.

Another is Papa and Cat at an amusement park.

Cat wasn’t amused. So, it was a great picture.

Here’s our before





   It’s a small project that makes me smile each time I go down the stairs.

Wow. Really? Only 24 pins to go?



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