Rubber Band Vase

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With the lovely help of our Miss Doreen, we attempted to create something like this pin. She got ALL of our supplies! 🙂  Although it did not turn out perfectly, we were very close!


So, first I wrapped rubber bands around the vase (or vaahhhzz as Mama kept telling me) in cool designs.


Next, I laid the vase/vaaahhzz outside and sprayed painted it with clear paint meant for etching. Then I let it say there (praying it wouldn’t roll away in the wind) and gave it a new coat every now and then.


Lastly, I ripped the rubber bands off. Unfortunately, I the paint around the rubber bands started to rip off as well and globbed together if that makes sense. My guess is that I either pulled the rubber bands off to early or it was too humid outside and the paint did not dry correctly. I’m not sure, however this pin was ultimately easy and a great idea…I think it just needs a little work.


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