Magazine Mickey

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Today I attempted to engage 007 in an activity that did not include anything that’s on a TV screen, computer screen, DS screen, and pretty much had nothing to do with technology. This itself was nearly an impossible endeavor as Mama and Papa were at the dentist and 007 and I were alone for nearly 4 hours, and dragging him away from the television can sometimes be very difficult. I played Phil Keaggy and drank a shot of apple juice, we were ready!

SelectMe2    So, first we had to get all of our needed equipment to make our Magazine Mickey. We needed (obviously) a magazine, scissors, bowls and a plate to outline the Mickey silhouette, a big piece of cardboard, and a six-year-old to enslave.


We then made the silhouette and started cutting strips of magazine to fit inside the ears and glued it to the cardboard. Through trial and error, 007 and I learned that we needed put the strips of magazine in all the same  direction to make it look good.

Select Me1Our finished Magazine Mickey actually looked pretty sick and 007 and I had a lot of fun doing it (until he got glue in his hair and he didn’t want to continue.)

30 to go…wow…school’s coming soon.


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