Hat Reshaping

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So, as any hipster should…I like hats. And I have a lot of them.

Last year, my amazing grandmother gave me a stylin’ hat which I adore!! Unfortunately, during school I can’t wear hats, so I put it somewhere in my black hole of closet to save for the summer. Guess what? It was the beginning of summer when Mama (organization queen) made me clean my closet. So I found my buddy Phil Keaggy on youTube and started cleaning.

In doing so I found my hat:


This actually looks much better than it did when I first found it, because I took the picture AFTER I tried to mold it back to its former shape.

Now this pin is ridiculously simple…however useful. You literally pour hot water on it and position the rim and such as it was intended. Wait for it to dry. That’s it.


But just to let y’all know, this trick only works with straw hats. So you don’t want to drench your grandmother’s vintage, velvet, 30s hat in order to restore its shape. Unless of course you, for some reason, need a very soggy hat…then by all means!

31 more, that’s halfway there!!!!


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