Lip Gloss

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There are various DIY lip glosses floating around in Pinterest and the one I chose did not have many directions. In hind’s sight, I wish I would have gone to this blog for a tutorial. Feel free to follow my flop below.

How NOT to Make Lip Gloss


Get some Kool-Aid and some petroleum jelly.


Microwave the petroleum jelly until it’s liquid, maybe 3 minutes

with a paper towel on top of it so it doesn’t pop and scare you.

DSC_0503(Here’s where I messed up)

Pour the Kool-Aid directly into the hot, melted stuff and stir it for a few minutes

hoping that the crystals will dissolve.

They won’t.

It’s too hot.

They never dissolve.


Little tiny crystals of Kool-Aid are there in the cooled jelly.

This may be a pin-fail BUT, I’ll look at my glass as half-full:

I can exfoliate my lips with my lip gloss. 🙂

34 (good pins) left!


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