Denim Makeover

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This pin was a combination of two pins in order for me to give my denim an extreme fashion makeover, which is INCREDIBLY helpful if you have pairs of loose jeans that you have no idea what to do with to make them look fun.

The first is simply showing how to cut jeans into adorable shorts (make sure you have a ruler!)

The second is not exactly a tutorial, but more of an inspiration to add lace to shorts…and this is the one I will be focused on today.



(This was when an average pair of jeans were cut to create a rather cheeky look, and they look adorable just the way the are!)



(It’s amazing what a sewing machine and some lace can do!)


And the best part about this…the lace cost $5, the original jeans cost $2.25, and the thread cost $0.50…you do the math!!!!

No really, you do it, I haven’t been in school for a while…

39 pins to go


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    Top 10 from 2013: #10 | Pinning Summer said:
    June 3, 2014 at 12:41 am

    […] 10. Denim Makeover […]

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